Can You Run with Earbuds? (Tips on Finding The Perfect Running Earbuds)

Many people enjoy listening to content during their runs to make the time go by quickly. Earbuds are a popular choice of device for anybody who wants to listen to music or a podcast on the go, but are they good for running?

You can wear earbuds for running, but choose a pair that stays in your ear when you run and are water resistant. Wireless earbuds are better than wired earbuds because you’ll have a greater range of movement to work with during your run, and they are less likely to be yanked out. Wearing earbuds will compromise your awareness of your surroundings.

Keep reading to learn why earbuds are excellent for running and how you can choose the right pair. We’ll also discuss the reasons you may be better off running in silence.

Why you should run with earbuds

Running with earbuds is a great way to keep yourself distracted during your run so that you don’t overthink your exercise. When runners don’t have any external stimuli during the run, all they can focus on is how their body reacts to their workout.  This situation can make it so that you don’t get as effective of a workout as you would while listening to music. 

If you choose a pair of earbuds that sits in your ears firmly and are water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about them slipping out during your run. It also would be best to avoid noise-canceling earbuds you’re running to stay aware of your environment.

Listening to fast-paced rhythmic music can increase your heart rate during exercise and improve your performance. However, studies also show that listening to slower music during your run will also slow down your exercise and reduce your strength.

The pros and cons of running with earbuds

Whether you enjoy it or not, you need to consider several things before deciding if you should run with earbuds.

When deciding if running with earbuds is a good choice for your situation, you’ll want to consider your personal running style, your comfort level, and where you’ll be running.

Below are the reasons why earbuds are good for running and why they might not be for you.


  • Helps increase running limits
  • Lightweight
  • Keeps you entertained
  • Improved stamina will lead to increased muscle tone


  • You’re less aware of your surroundings – this can be especially dangerous if you run in groups or near traffic
  • Might slip out during your run and interrupt your workout
  • Can agitate your ears and lead to infections

Are earbuds better than headphones for running?

Both earbuds and headphones are excellent for listening to music while you run. However, they each come with pros and cons, so you should consider them before deciding.

People like to run with earbuds because they’re discreet, lightweight, and water-resistant.  Many people feel self-conscious while they run, and wearing earbuds won’t draw the eyes of onlookers.

However, headphones are typically more affordable than earbuds, are easier to clean, and won’t slip out of your ears like earbuds. Whether you run with headphones or earbuds, it would be best to choose Bluetooth options so that you don’t get tangled up in a cord during your exercise. 

Check out our other article to learn more about running in headphones.

Will earbuds fall out when running?

Listening to high-intensity music while running can help you maintain your pace, keep you happily distracted, and motivate you to power through a hard run. But all of this can come crashing down if your earbuds fall out.

Earbuds can fall out while running if you choose the wrong size or if they don’t seal to the inside of your ear.

Fortunately, most earbuds come with several different size options to pick the right attachment that fits inside your ear.  This will help prevent your earbuds from falling out when running. 

Do wireless earbuds stay in while running?

Wireless earbuds can be much easier to run in because they don’t get tangled as wired ones do, and you don’t have to worry much about where your phone needs to be to maintain the connection. Are they more likely to stay in place as well?

Wireless earbuds are not more likely to fall out than wired ones. In fact, wired earbuds are more at risk of falling out because they can get tangled up with your limbs during your run and rip out of your ear.

Your wireless earbuds will not catch on your limbs during your exercise and will stay in your ear as long as you have the right size. 

How to choose the best earbuds for running

Assuming that you’ve decided the pros of running with earbuds outweigh the cons, the next thing you’ll need to do is find a good pair for running.

When choosing earbuds for your run, you want them to have the following features:

  • Water-resistant
  • Environmental noise adjustability
  • Bluetooth
  • Touch Controls

Let’s delve into why each of these qualities is necessary for a good run.


You will sweat a lot during your run, and if you don’t buy water-resistant earbuds, you will damage the device.

Most electronic products are assigned an IPX (ingress protection code) rating to indicate their water resistance. Earbuds must have a rating of at least IPX-4 to be sweat-resistant. 

The Tozo T12 Wireless Earbuds are an excellent choice for running because of their water-resistant and wireless properties.

Environmental noise adjustability

Distracted drivers cause 6% of fatal car accidents, which is why environmental noise adjustability is important while running.

You cannot count on drivers on the road to avoid you while you’re crossing the street, so you need to stay aware of your surroundings. Choosing environmental noise just ability is a great way to stay safe while you enjoy your music on your run. 

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds allow you to adjust the amount of noise-canceling you want at any given time. So, while you’re running outside, you can turn down the noise canceling. Alternatively, while you’re at home you can enjoy the music without the outside noise. These versatile earbuds will allow you to enjoy music in any situation.


When you choose Bluetooth earbuds instead of wired earbuds, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in your cord and yanking your earbuds out. 

Bluetooth earbuds allow you to have a wider range of movement without overthinking the position of your arms. 

All wireless earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth technology, but Apple AirPods are probably the most well-known example of this style.

Touch controls

Touch controls can make the run much more convenient.

With touch controls, all you should do to adjust your sound is reach up to your ears and push a button. 

As you know, you move your arms a lot while you run, and stopping to pull your phone out of your pocket to adjust the volume or change the song can ruin your stride.

Should runners listen to music while running?

Now that we’ve established that there are some great choices of earbuds to wear while running, it begs the obvious question: should you actually listen to music while running?

Many runners like to listen to music during their exercise because it helps them focus on pushing their abilities. However, there are some situations – such as when you’re running near traffic or in large groups – where it is not recommended.

Studies have shown increases and endurance and strength while athletes listen to music. There’s also evidence to suggest that listening to music during a run will reduce the perception of effort you put into your workout so you can continue to go longer distances.

Why do elite runners not listen to music?

Elite runners must focus on their bodies and surroundings instead of music. That is why headphones and earbuds are banned from running sports.

Athletes cannot be distracted during competitions if they want to perform their best and stay safe. They need to listen to announcements and ensure that their pacing themselves.

While it is not as heavily regulated as professional events, even marathoners are discouraged from wearing headphones or earbuds while participating.

Is it OK to run without music?

While you’ll see many people run with their earbuds in, there are also many people who prefer running without any music.

You may prefer to run without music because:

  • It allows you to be more aware of your surroundings.
  • You can build your fatigue resistance better.
  • The silence allows you to focus on your form and stride.
  • You can monitor the effort you put into your run.
  • Running without outside disturbances can help reduce stress.

There is nothing wrong with deciding to go for a run and not bringing your earbuds with you. You might find this run much more relaxing than runs you’ve done previously. You’ll also have an easier time monitoring how much effort you put into this exercise.

When people run with music, they often focus on the lyrics and get lost in their thoughts. This is great for people who need a distraction to push through their exercise, but it isn’t great if you’re monitoring your body. 

Sometimes people push themselves too hard during a run when they listen to music.  Listening to music can keep you distracted from your bodily needs and cause you to overdo it easily. 

Can you exercise with earbuds?

Exercising with earbuds is a great way to push your limits and stay entertained during your workout. 

Earbuds can stay in your ears if you pick the right size and choose a water-resistant option. It would be best to pick wireless earbuds during your workout, so your cord doesn’t get tangled and distract you from your exercise.

Unlike when running, you’re unlikely to need to focus so intently on what’s going on around you so the absolute focus music allows you won’t be an issue.

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