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Personalized Training from a Real Person

Hello – it’s me, Josh! I’m the guy in the picture up there and I would love to be your running coach.

I understand that each runner has a different starting place, goals, and challenges.

So, my training plans will meet you where you are in your running journey, connect your training to your goals, and include specific training to overcome your unique challenges.

Custom Training Plan (1 Month)

  • 1-Month Customized training plan based on your current fitness and goals
  • 15-Minute training history and goals review
  • Email Support
  • Free Bonus: Custom Mobility Routine

à la Carte services

$50/ each
  • Running form and gait analysis (Your Recording)
  • Mobility Routines
  • Strength Routines
  • Race Prep

Not Sure What You Need?

Book a free consultation with the button below or send me a question via email – I would love to chat!

Client-first Policy

No Contracts

Whether you pay by the hourly or have a monthly commitment, you’ll never be locked into a contract.

Competitive Pricing

My goal is always to overdeliver coaching value to my clients at an extremely competitive price.

First Month Guarantee

Not happy with your coaching?
Let me know before within a month and I’ll refund your hourly or monthly fee.

UESCA Certified Running Coach

With training on running performance, physiology, form, programming, and more – my run coaching can help you meet your goals.

Personalized Workouts

Your running program will be based on your current performance and future goals with specific, personalized training sessions to meet those objectives.

Constant Communication and Feedback

Stay in constant contact with email and text-based support during business hours as well as weekly and monthly phone calls (or Zoom).

Nutrition tips for Before, During, and After Workouts

Learn how to fuel for performance before, during, and after training sessions and races.

Strength and Mobility Routines Available

The best runners incorporate strength and mobility work into their routine to improve performance and help prevent injuries.

Discounts Available for Clients

As a UESCA certified running coach, I can provide discounts for shoes, supplements, and other running accessories and services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Running Coaching

Have a question?

As a running coach, personalizing a training plan to fit an individual’s needs and goals is a multi-step process that involves a comprehensive assessment and ongoing adjustments.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Customized Training Schedule
  • Strength Training and Mobility Work
  • Program Adaptation
  • Race Strategy and Mental Preparation
  • Post-race Analysis

As your online running coach, you’ll receive personalized support including regular communication for questions and advice, detailed workout analysis, and adaptive training plan adjustments. I’ll provide motivation and accountability, injury prevention guidance, and race strategy planning.

You’ll also benefit from post-race analysis and general nutritional advice to support your training and recovery. Expect a collaborative approach with ongoing feedback to help you achieve your running goals.

As a running coach, while I’m not qualified to give medical advice, I can certainly help with injury prevention. My approach includes designing training plans that promote gradual progression to avoid overuse injuries, recommending strength training exercises to bolster your musculoskeletal system, and advising on proper running form and recovery techniques.

If you have specific health concerns, I’ll suggest you consult with a healthcare professional, and I’m happy to work alongside them to adjust your training accordingly.

Communication with me, your online running coach, is straightforward and frequent. We’ll typically connect through email, messaging apps, or phone calls based on what works best for you. Expect regular weekly check-ins to discuss your progress, and feel free to reach out with questions or updates as needed. I’m here to offer consistent support, so you’re never going it alone in your training.

Elevate Your Running Game with a UESCA Certified Online Running Coach

Are you gearing up for the Boston Marathon, or is it your first marathon? Whether you’re a seasoned runner or lacing up for your first race, having a personalized training schedule is crucial. As a UESCA certified online running coach, I bring years of experience to the table, helping you cross the finish line with confidence.

Custom Training Plan Tailored to Your Running Goals

Every runner’s running journey is unique, and that’s why I offer a personalized training plan that caters to your individual needs. From your first step to the final surge, I will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your preparation for race day is top-notch. Whether your sights are set on a half marathon or you’re a new runner pushing for a new distance, my online coaching services give you the best chance of success.

Take Your Performance to the Next Level

As a professional coach, I understand the importance of taking your running game to the next level. With my coaching experience, I’ll help you refine your running form, set personal bests, and compete at a higher level. My virtual coaching program is designed to help you become the best runner you can be.

More Than Just a Running Coach

Beyond creating your training program, I am your personal trainer and mentor. Incorporating strength training and injury prevention techniques, I ensure that you’re not only ready for your next race but also building a foundation for a lifetime of healthy running. My approach is holistic, addressing your personal goals and helping you grow not just as a runner, but as an athlete.

A Virtual Training Experience That Feels Personal

At Your Next Run, you’ll feel the camaraderie of trail runners and road racers alike. My virtual training offers easy access to me anytime via email or text as well as weekly and monthly check-in calls, ensuring you receive one-to-one personal attention. You’ll have unlimited contact with me, just as you would with an in-person coach.

A Coach for Runners of All Ages and Levels

Whether you’re a high school athlete aiming to improve your running background or a senior looking to tackle your first time at a full marathon, my virtual coaching caters to runners of all ages and race distances.

Affordable and Accessible Coaching

I believe that quality coaching should be affordable, which is why I offer affordable online running coaching. You won’t need to break the bank to receive expert advice and an individualized plan. With my coach programs, you can expect a customized training plan that reflects your current fitness level and helps you meet your specific needs.

Committed to Your Success

From your first things to consider when starting your running workouts to celebrating your achievements, I am committed to making you better runners.

Connect with Me

Ready to take the first step towards your personal best?

Let’s connect on a phone call or through social media to discuss how I can help you achieve your dreams. Whether you’re prepping for the Chicago Marathon or just want to enjoy running more, as a certified running coach, I’m here to provide you with the support you need on a weekly basis.

Embark on your running journey with me, and let’s chase those personal goals together. With my online running coach services, you’ll have the right plan, the best support, and the personal experience to reach new heights.