How Do Runners Go to the Bathroom (During Races or Long Runs)

Running makes many people feel like they must use the bathroom in the middle of the workout. However, pausing to hit the restroom in the middle of a run can be a troublesome experience depending on where you go. Fortunately, you’re not alone if you have to go to the bathroom during your run often. 

Runners should attempt to go to the bathroom before starting their run to avoid pausing or having to find a toilet mid-run. If you follow a standard track or a race route, portapotties will probably be provided. You may also try reducing your coffee consumption, changing your hydration schedule, or distracting yourself with music or an audiobook.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need to know about going to the bathroom as a runner. In addition, our guide will teach you why you need to pee during your run and what to do if you have to pee during a marathon. 

Why do I need to pee when running?

When you’re in the middle of running and having something interrupt your routine, like a bathroom break, it can be immensely frustrating.

There are several reasons you feel like you need to pee in the middle of your run:

  • You’re putting pressure on your bladder
  • You’re overthinking it
  • Improper hydration
  • Too much coffee
  • Eating the wrong food 

Determining the reasons is the best way to help avoid this problem moving forward. 

You’re putting pressure on your bladder

You put pressure on your pelvic muscles when you run, which can cause your bladder to react.

If you have weakened pelvic floor muscles, then you’re more likely to have the urge to pee during your run.

It would be best to speak to your doctor about this problem to ensure you receive proper treatment so you can run comfortably again.

You’re overthinking it

Sometimes, you have to pee during your run because you know it’s not as convenient as it normally would be.

If you overthink where you can go to the bathroom throughout your run, you’re more likely to trick your bladder into needing to pee. Try listening to music or audiobooks during your run to keep your mind distracted from urination.

Stress is another reason people have to pee more often than normal. So, if you’re stressing about whether there are enough bathrooms on the marathon track, you may have to pee more than you normally would. Try to get yourself in a good headspace before your run to minimize your urge to pee. 

Improper hydration

Regarding hydration, you need to pay attention to your body to ensure you’re not consuming too much or too little water.

Many runners drink too much water during their run, diluting the sodium in their bloodstream.  

It would be best to focus on drinking when you’re thirsty and to monitor the color of your urine to see how good your hydration levels are. If your hydration levels are out of whack, you must use the bathroom more often than normal.

Too much coffee

Drinking coffee is a popular way for people to motivate themselves before a run and stay energized.

However, if you drink too much coffee, you may have to pee more often than normal. If you want to drink coffee before your run, it would be best to stop drinking a few hours before you run to ensure you don’t have to pee frequently.

Caffeine is also known to get your bowels functioning more than normal, which can be a nightmare if you’re in the middle of a marathon. So be cautious about your caffeine consumption before you run to ensure you don’t have any accidents. This consumption includes soda, coffee, and energy drinks before your workout. 

Eating the wrong food

Your diet is key to how your body performs during a workout session. Plenty of foods can cause you to urinate more than normal, which you should avoid on the day of a big run.

For instance, if you drink a lot of orange juice, you may have to pee more often because acidic foods cause frequent urination. 

How do people use the bathroom during a marathon?

Marathon runners can use the bathroom once every couple of miles because that is how often a bathroom will pop up during a marathon.

Event hosts know that marathon runners need to use the bathroom just like everybody else, so they station plenty of spots for runners to accomplish this task. 

If you want to run a marathon but are nervous about your bathroom habits, rest assured that there will be bathrooms along the course. 

How do long-distance runners go to the bathroom?

People who run long distances need to prepare their bladder to go a few miles without bathroom breaks. For instance, a long-distance runner will find a bathroom eventually, but they can’t count on finding a bathroom as soon as they have to go. 

Long-distance runners typically try to use the bathroom before the big run to ensure they don’t have to stop in the middle. However, there are situations where runners have no choice but to stop in the middle of the run to use the bathroom. Some long-distance runners may even choose to go for a light jog an hour before a run to empty their bladder beforehand. 

People who lack bladder control may have a hard time long-distance running due to this situation. 

Can you run a marathon without going to the bathroom?

Runners can avoid going to the bathroom during a marathon. However, if you have to go, it would be best to listen to your body.

If you often run and hold it every time, your bladder muscles weaken, making it more difficult to hold your bladder moving forward. Running puts a lot of pressure on your pelvic muscles, and you shouldn’t hold your bladder in this situation. 

However, some people don’t have to use the bathroom during a marathon because everybody’s body works differently. To minimize your chances of taking a bathroom break during a marathon, you should go to the bathroom right before you run. You may also want to take a jog or a light walk an hour before the marathon to prepare your body for movement.

Should you go to the bathroom before a run?

If you want to ensure that you don’t have to go to the bathroom in the middle of your workout, you should go right before your run.

Emptying your bodily waste before you run is the best way to stay comfortable during this exercise. When your body moves, your bodily functions want to follow suit, which isn’t ideal on the track. 

If you don’t use the bathroom before you run, you may also experience cramping which can impair you and cause an injury. It would also be best to avoid over or under-hydrating yourself during your run so that you don’t have uncomfortable bodily functions while you exercise.

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