What Does Cameron Hanes Wear for Running? (Shoes, Shorts, Watch, Etc.)

Interested in getting outfitted like Cam Hanes when hitting the pavement? For those of you that are ready to keep hammering like your favorite ultra-athlete, we’re here to answer the question, “what does Cameron Hanes wear while he’s running?”

Cameron Hanes wears Under Armour HOVR Machina CH1 off-road running shoes, running shorts by Under Armour, and a Cameron Hanes branded t-shirt or sweatshirt for running and training. Hanes does not wear any accessories while running and has even been known to forego socks.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific gear Cam Hanes wears for running. 

Who is Cameron Hanes?

Cameron Hanes is a well-known ultra-athlete (if you’re into following ultra-athletes, at least).

Cameron Hanes is an elite bowhunter, ultra-marathon runner, and motivational speaker. He cites his goal of becoming the “Ultimate Predator” as being the reason behind his intense training regimen.

You can watch this video to learn more about Cameron Hanes.

He is the best-selling author of the books Backcountry Bowhunting and Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering. He has also appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast and is a popular figure on Instagram, among other platforms, with a following of 1.4 million people on the one site alone. 

Is Cameron Hanes a professional runner?

Cameron Hanes is an ultra-athlete, bow hunter, extreme long-distance runner, and fitness influencer.

Cameron Hanes isn’t a professional runner per se, though he does have apparel deals and sponsorships from companies such as Under Armour. He consistently competes in running and ultramarathon events, posting respectable times that often land him in the top ten at each event.

Hanes is well known for his brutal training regimen, which reportedly includes running 22 miles per day on average, among other exercises such as weight training and archery. 

Despite this intense training schedule, Hanes still works the same regular job at the local utility board that he did before he was a world-renowned athlete.

Cameron Hanes’ notable running achievements

Cam Hanes has participated in a number of extreme endurance running events.

Overall, Cameron Hanes has competed in at least 36 ultra-marathon running events dating back to 2005. He is best known for his mental toughness and grit, proving to be one of the most durable and consistent runners of his kind in the world.

Among others, Hanes has participated in the following:

  • Crazy Mountain 100 in Montana (2022) – placed 47th
  • Antelope Island Buffalo Run in Utah (2021) – placed 11th
  • Frozen Trail Forrest Run in Oregon (2019) – placed 7th 

Because of his achievements, Cameron Hanes has gained a following of ultra-athletes all over the world. 

What kind of running shoes does Cameron Hanes wear?

Cameron Hanes has an apparel deal with Under Armour, with HOVR Machina CH1s having been released in 2020.

Cameron Hanes has a deal with Under Amour and typically runs in his co-branded  HOVR Machina CH1 off-road running shoes.

In most of Cameron’s social media posts, including from his popular Instagram account, which boasts over 1.4 million followers, it looks like Cameron Hanes runs in Under Armour shoes, such the the HOVR Machina CH1s.

And while there has been some controversy over Under Armour’s relationship with its hunting line, it doesn’t appear that Cam will be changing foot apparel anytime soon. However, this particular design seems to have been pulled from Under Armour’s website and might be difficult to find. 

What kind of running socks does Cameron Hanes wear?

Cameron Hanes has never specified what type of socks he typically wears and has been photographed wearing various pairs of socks, ranging from generic brands to Under Armour.

His website claims he wears Under Armour gear for running from head to toe. However, Cam has shared that he often runs without socks, hoping to toughen up his feet.

This can be seen in a number of photos he has posted on his social media sites. 

Officially, Cam Hayes wears Under Armour head to toe, but he claims he often runs without socks.

What kind of running shorts does Cameron Hanes wear?

Though Cameron Hanes signed an apparel deal with Under Armour, he has been photographed wearing Origin Maine running shorts, a company that is co-owned by former Navy Seal Jocko Willink and fellow JRE podcast veteran Jocko Willink. 

Officially, Cameron Hanes wears Under Armour running shorts.

The reports of beef between Under Armour and Cam Hanes seem to have some credence, but recent posts by Hanes also include some of his UA gear, making it difficult to determine the future of their partnership. 

What kind of running shirts does Cameron Hanes wear?

Because of the harsh Oregon climate, Cam Hanes is often seen wearing various layers while running.

Cameron Hanes wears either Under Armour running shirts or apparel from his own line when running.

Cam Hanes can often be seen wearing his own branded apparel while running.

Hanes has been photographed in a variety of Under Armour products, including dri-fit Under Armour running shirts. He also has a line of his own apparel, including sweatshirts and t-shirts, which can be purchased directly from his website. 

What kind of running watch does Cameron Hanes wear?

Though a watch is a common running accessory for keeping time and even monitoring heart rate, it appears Hanes doesn’t wear one. 

Cameron Hanes does not wear a watch while running.

Cam Hanes can be seen running without a watch in multiple photographs and videos but he might wear one occasionally.

What kind of running accessories does Cameron Hanes wear?

Hanes usually wears a t-shirt (sometimes with the sleeves cut off), a pair of running shorts, which Origin Maine or another performance-focused brand often makes, and a pair of Under Armour running shoes.

Other than the basics, Cameron Hanes is a bit of a running minimalist, and it appears he doesn’t have a great deal of brand loyalty, despite his previously mentioned apparel deal with Under Armour.

He doesn’t usually wear any additional accessories, and even forgoes the use of socks in order to “toughen his feet up,” according to the ultra-athlete.

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