Running in Hey Dudes – Important things To Consider

Hey Dudes have certainly proven their relevance in today’s comfort shoe industry. Although their lightweight feel has helped produce massive popularity, can Hey Dudes endure the demands of running?

You shouldn’t run in Hey Dudes because of the lack of design and durability compared to the basic standards of typical running shoes. Synthetic leather, a customizable lacing system, and mid-sole cushioning are some features that Hey Dudes lack that make them unsuitable for runners.

Read on to learn more about Hey Dudes, why they aren’t considered running shoes, and what kind of activities they handle best.

Is it okay to run in Hey Dudes?

Hey Dude shoes are lightweight, comfortable, sustainably packaged, and quickly growing in popularity, especially with Gen Z. But are they good for running?

Running in Hey Dudes isn’t the best option because of the lack of durability and cushion found in the shoes. Everything about the Hey Dudes brand is focused on sustainability, comfort, and being lightweight, making it a less-than-ideal option for runners. 

Hey Dude’s design, grip, and heel drop are designed with a casual appeal and don’t live up to the standards of high-quality running shoe brands like Nike, New Balance, or Brooks. 

Casual outdoor activities like boating, hiking, or walking are better activities for Hey Dudes. They can also be worn as recovery shoes, which can help people have a comfortable option to wear during rehab or recovery from a lower-body or foot-based injury.

Are Hey Dudes considered running shoes?

Hey Dudes are the trendy new shoe for everyday wear and can even be worn for some outdoor activities. Are they any good as running shoes?

Hey Dudes aren’t specifically designed for running, and wearers typically don’t purchase Hey Dudes with the intent of running in them. There are many reasons that Hey Dudes, while ideal for everyday wear, are insufficient for running, including their basic design, cushion, heel drop, and overall construction materials. Additionally, the loose fit, while perfect for a casual shoe, could pose a major safety risk during a run.

Many purchasers of Hey Dudes use them in casual outdoor scenarios during their everyday lives, proving they have enough durability to withstand more abuse than the bedroom shoes they resemble.

After looking into some of the Hey Dude’s website reviews, I found that buyers enjoyed the comfort of the shoe enough to wear it before and after sports or running activities for recovery purposes. One PE teacher said the shoes were comfortable for most of his work day. This user highlighted that the shoes lacked traction, which we’ll dive further into below when discussing design and safety.

Ergonomics and design

While Hey Dudes manufactures a wide array of shoe styles, the loafer style is the shoe that comes to most people’s minds when they picture a pair of Hey Dudes.

This design is far from sufficient for running purposes and was drawn up with the primary purpose of comfort for casual work situations and everyday outdoor life.

good running shoe, on the other hand, should have a cushioned midsole to reduce impact strain throughout the body, a wide toebox to avoid blistering, and a breathable upper. 


As discussed earlier, Hey Dudes users have found that the shoes lack in the traction category.

Quite a few shoes manufactured by Hey Dudes are made specifically for boating, so they are designed to be slip-resistant but not in a way that makes them suitable for running activities.

A lack of support could cause severe problems for a runner’s pronation and supination movements. Higher quality running shoes will provide wearers with better support for their pronation and supination movements simply because they are designed with running as the primary focus.


Hey Dude’s cushion technology is geared more towards comfort and less towards durability.

The midsole section of a shoe is a mainstay in athletic shoes because of the way it provides suspension between the insole and the outsole. The leather-lined, memory foam insole found in Hey Dudes is an excellent option if you’re looking for comfort, but a lack of a midsole makes these shoes less than desirable for running.

A lot of their shoes employ memory foam for their cushion. I’ve experimented with using memory foam-based shoes in high-stress, high-performance sports activities, and the memory foam tends to get torn up relatively quickly.

Heel drop

Most running shoes have a wide range of heel drop options because certain runners have different foot mechanics.

Runners usually choose their heel drop based on how their foot hits the ground, some landing on their heel and some landing towards the front of their foot. A higher heel drop favors those who land on their heel, while a lower heel drop is best for those that tend to lead with the front part of their foot.

For example, you can find Nike heel drop options ranging from around 5 mm to 12 mm, giving buyers quite a few different options to suit the landing zone of their foot.

Hey Dudes, however, have a relatively low heel drop across the board, and the brand doesn’t feature many options compared to a running-specific brand such as Nike. This lack of heel drop diversity could force buyers into one heel drop sizing, which could end up damaging their foot. 

If a buyer tends to land on their heel but tries to run in Hey Dudes, a brand with low heel drop options, they could damage their foot versus choosing the correct choice for their foot, a higher heel drop.


Hey Dudes has a huge environmental initiative, making all their shoes out of recycled materials.

Cork, plastic, leather, and memory foam are among the key materials used in Hey Dudes. These materials help keep the shoes lightweight, which allows the brand to keep its promise of providing users with shoes that are comfortable but simply are not built for the stress of running. Furthermore, Hey Dudes also lack any kind of sweat-wicking material or odor control simply because these shoes weren’t designed for running. 

Leading running shoe brands like Nike or Brooks designed their shoes with sweat-wicking materials such as polyester and employed odor control technologies since they designed their shoe for the severe stress that a serious runner would put them through, unlike Hey Dudes.


Running shoes need to be able to withstand extreme abuse. Generally, the durability of running shoes is measured in distance rather than time. For most (good) running shoes, expect 300-500 miles

Hey Dudes are durable to an extent but don’t hold up for runners.

To make a more durable shoe, Hey Dudes would have to sacrifice a lot of the lightness, materials, and comfort that have propelled them to the industry-leading shoe brand they are today.

What kind of activities do Hey Dudes handle best?

If Hey Dude shoes aren’t a good choice for running in, what should you do while wearing them?

Hey Dudes handle activities such as light walking, boating, hiking, and recovery-wear best.

Designed to fit snuggly on the wearer, Hey Dude’s leather-lined, memory foam insoles make them comfortable to wear in low-stress activities.

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