Why Do My Running Shorts Keep Falling Down? [6 Quick Fixes!]

Running is a great way to exercise your body and relax your mind, but only if you can get through the first mile and into the right headspace. If you’re constantly worried about your earbuds falling out or your clothing is shifting around, you won’t have a productive run at all. If you’re stuck in the latter situation, you’re more likely to spend the entire run asking yourself, “Why do my running shorts keep falling down?”

Running shorts may fall down to a variety of reasons that come down to how well they fit and if you’re wearing them properly. Running shorts that don’t fit properly, are starting to wear out, or are made of a material that stretches throughout the run are likely to slip. You may also have an issue if there is too much weight in the pockets.

Keep reading to learn more about why your running shorts may be falling down, and what you can do to prevent this problem.

Why do my running shorts keep falling down?

Ensuring that your running shorts are suitable for you is key to keeping them from falling down to save you from potentially embarrassing situations.

Your running shorts might constantly be falling down during your run because of:

  • Incorrect sizing
  • Body structure
  • Friction
  • Pocket weight
  • Lack of internal support
  • Damaged elastic

There are numerous reasons running shorts keep falling down, many of which have to do with regular wear and tear.

It is important for you to keep your running shorts in good condition and replace them whenever needed. Make sure they are always of the right size as well.

Let’s take a detailed look at all the reasons you might be having trouble with your shorts falling down during a run.

Incorrect sizing

It may sound obvious, but wearing the wrong size of running shorts is one of the main reasons why they might keep falling down.

If your shorts are too big, they will have trouble staying up throughout the recurring motion and impact of a run.

If your shorts keep falling down, it might be because they don't fit snuggly enough to hold up to a high-impact sport like running.

Running shorts should be close-fitting at your waist while also being made from durable material, especially since they are bound to move around a lot while you run.

Body structure

Your body structure and weight can also help explain why your shorts keep falling down.

If you have a rounded or protruding belly, the sloping shape might end up causing your shorts to slip lower and lower.

If you also suddenly lose weight, your running shorts might become incompatible with your body, requiring you to alter the shorts or buy a more appropriate size.


Due to the rapid and constant movements you make while running, running shorts – especially longer ones – will be subjected to much friction.

The jerky movements that running and exercising can result in are also bound to cause the band of the shorts to change its position to a certain extent.

This friction will result in your shorts falling down frequently, especially if it has no other support besides your skin.

Pocket weight

Running shorts are usually devoid of pockets, although some might have them as part of their design.

If you insert some kind of weight in these pockets, such as your phone, fitness tracker, earphones, wallet, or even a bunch of loose change, you might find that these objects make your pockets and shorts sag downwards. This is heightened even more due to the motions of running.

Carry as little as possible in the pockets of your running shorts. The more you have in there, the more the weight will pull the shorts down.

It is, therefore, ideal for you to keep your pockets empty while running.

Lack of internal support

You must always wear some kind of internal layer inside your running shorts to ensure that there is an extra layer that the shorts can cling on to.

Running shorts generally already have an inner lining, but you can also replace this with compression shorts for more firmness and performance support.

Damaged elastic

Running shorts usually have an elastic band in place that helps maintain their hold around your waist. Over time, this elastic can loosen up, causing your shorts to fall down.

Once this elastic wears out, it’s time to buy a new pair of running shorts.

How to prevent running shorts from falling down

So, how to keep running shorts from falling down?

To prevent your running shorts from falling down, you can:

  • Repair or replace the elastic on your running shorts to ensure that they fit you properly. [Check out this video for a quick how-to!]
  • Try tucking your t-shirt into the running shorts to ensure a slightly tighter fit due to the extra layer of fabric. Note that this is only a temporary solution.
  • Wear some form of underwear. This could include the inner lining of your shorts or, ideally, compression shorts.
  • Replace the shorts. Even if your formerly favorite pair of running shorts has bit the dust, they simply do no good if they don’t stay up during your run. If they’re just that comfortable, consider keeping them around for laundry day or lounging, but not intense workouts.

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