Best Running Socks to Prevent Blisters in 2023 (According to Reddit)

Whether you’re training for a big race or just trying to get into the habit of running regularly, nothing throws you off your stride as much as an injury. Even if it seems like a small thing, a blister can take you out for a whole week! One of the best ways to avoid getting a blister is a good pair of running socks – but which one?

According to Reddit users, the best running socks to prevent blisters in 2023 are:

  • Balega Blister Resist
  • Injinji Toe Socks
  • Smartwool PHD Run Socks
  • Feetures Elite Light Cushion Socks
  • Darn Tough Athletic Socks

We searched Reddit for the best running socks to prevent blisters in 2023 so you didn’t have to. Below we’ve compiled them in list form and added some commentary to help you make the most informed decision this year when it comes to socks that will protect your feet from blisters!

The best running socks to prevent blisters according to Reddit users

As intimidating as it may be to pick out the right pair of running shoes, at least you know you can consult a professional for a fitting and recommendation. With socks, you’re left with marketing copy and Reddit. While Reddit may be slightly more dependable than what the company boasts about itself, it can also be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

We combed through the pages of Reddit to find the best running socks to prevent blisters, and this is the list we came up with:

  • Balega Blister Resist
  • Injinji Toe Socks
  • SmartWool PhD Run Socks
  • Feetures Elite Light Cushion Socks
  • Darn Tough Athletic Socks

Keep reading to find out a little bit about each style of sock, what Redditors have to say, and where you can pick up your own.

Balega Blister Resist

Balega is a highly respected brand among serious runners. They offer a variety of different products, each focusing on solving different problems that may arrive for the consumer.

Balega makes innovative, sustainable, and durable socks that are hand-inspected to provide the best product possible. 

Balega’s Blister Resist socks are specially designed to prevent the formation of blisters in common areas where they may arise. Frequent runners on Reddit swear by these socks, many stating they haven’t experienced a blister since purchasing their pair.

Many posters on Reddit agree the Balega Blister Resist socks do exactly what they claim!

Balega Blister Resist socks come in three styles:

  • Crew socks – These socks come up to the mid-calf and only come in a two-tone black/gray color
  • No Show Tab socks – A low-cut sock with a tab that appears on the heel to keep the sock from bunching up. It comes in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Quarter socks – Coming up between the crew and no-show heights, the quarter socks cover the ankle. They come in a variety of colors.

Why its recommended

Serious runners like frequent marathoners and ultramarathoners recommend these socks on Reddit.

Many of them have stated the socks have contributed to the complete alleviation of their persistent blister problems. Not only that, but the socks are reported to be extremely comfortable, and they’re not outrageously priced. You can pick up a pair for $20.

These Blister Resist socks have an extremely high cushion and are made from fabrics that prevent friction between your skin and the socks themselves. They are also designed to wick moisture away from the foot, preventing skin irritation. The socks are also form-fitting, which prevents sliding and again reduces friction between the socks and the skin. 

Where to find it

You can purchase Balega Blister Resist socks on Amazon or on the Balega website.

Injinji Toe Socks

Injinji is a California-based company that makes toe socks for extreme long-distance running.

Instead of all of the toes being mashed up together in the same compartment, Injinji socks provide separate, glove-like compartments for each toe. This can prevent common blisters that form on the inside of the toe. Reddit users gush about the blister-resistant design of these Injinji socks, with some users saying they exclusively use these socks when running anything longer than a 10K race. 

Injinji toe socks prevent the toes from rubbing together on your run, preventing blisters.

Injinji’s patented 5-toe design makes this sock unique, but they are also anatomically designed to fit snugly on the foot to avoid friction between the fabric and the skin. Additionally, they are made with moisture-wicking materials to keep your feet dry on long runs. Injinji is worn by influential runners such as Courtney Dauwalter

Why its recommended

Injinji’s 5-toe design greatly reduces the formation of blisters on the inside of each toe, which is one of the most common places for runners to form blisters.

They are widely recognized as a leading brand in blister reduction, and many runners praise their comfortability and sleek design. They are worn by countless influential runners and ultra-marathoners.

Where to find it

Injinji products can be found on Amazon or on the Injinji website. 

SmartWool PhD Run Socks

Smartwool provides all manner of outdoor socks and apparel ranging from hiking gear to running socks.

Many Reddit users have been quite keen on this brand, as it seems to pop up regularly in threads related to blister prevention and comfort for extreme long-distance running. The company is publicly involved in social movements such as environmental sustainability and racial equality and has a reimbursement policy for gear that wears out too quickly or arrives with defects. 

Wool is a breathable, sweat-wicking fabric that helps reduce the amount of moisture on your feet, thus reducing the likelihood of blisters.

Their most popular form of running sock seems to be the PhD Run socks. Many runners have recommended these on various Reddit threads, with some even promoting other models or sock designs by SmartWool. 

Why its recommended

Another popular brand name among Reddit users is SmartWool PhD run socks. Runners seem to recommend this brand for blister resistance as well as overall comfortability. Because they’re made of wool, these are also good for cold weather running. 

Smartwool socks are made out of natural merino wool, providing a soft and comfortable material to cushion each foot strike. Smartwool’s patented design also includes fewer seams in the toe keep area of the sock to prevent blisters that may arise from rubbing and friction.

These socks also have a “4-degree” fit that holds the sock firmly to the foot and prevents slipping, which is another common cause of blister development. 

Where to find it

Smartwool products can be found on Amazon or on the SmartWool website. 

Feetures Elite Light Cushion Socks

Feetures is a premium sock brand in the running space.

Their products have been mentioned by many Reddit users, and they generally seem to have positive reviews. The Feetures Elite Light Cushion Socks are especially popular as they’re great for preventing blisters.

Feetures socks are a perennial favorite of runners.

The company was started by Hugh Gaither, a long-time sock manufacturer who decided there was a better way to create a quality running sock. The brand launched in 2002 and has become one of the premier sock brands in the running category. 

Why its recommended

Many Reddit users recommend the Feetures Elite Light Cushion socks for their blister prevention and comfort. They have targeted compression, which provides arch support and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Feetures Elite Light Cushion socks are anatomically designed to provide a secure fit. They also have a seamless toe keep area, removing the aggravating friction that toe seams can contribute. These socks are made from synthetic fabrics and Tencel to provide support, though Feetures also sells various models of Merino wool socks. 

Where to find it

Feetures products can be found on Amazon or on the Feetures website. 

Darn Tough Athletic Socks

Darn Tough Athletic socks are made in Vermont, USA. They make socks of all kinds, but their running socks continually appear on Reddit threads.

Many runners swear by this brand and have even switched from other brands on this list to Darn Tough socks. While the specific socks a runner chooses is ultimately an individual decision, Darn Tough constantly ranks toward the top of Reddit-recommended running socks. 

Darn Tough socks are a popular choice for runners, especially those who want their socks to have a little bit of personality.

These wool socks are popular for their function, but they’re among the few sock brands that also value fashion!

Why its recommended

Users praise their comfort, lightweight materials, and the fact that they reduce blister formation on long runs.

Darn Tough socks come with a chafe-eliminating cuff and are made from moisture-wicking Merino wool. They have a silky smooth feel, rather than the rough material that many wool socks are made with. Darn Tough socks also come in many colors and variety or lengths. You can order tabbed or untabbed socks, which come with a 100% lifetime guarantee. 

Some users have even commented on Darn Tough’s styles and color variety. If you like zany designs and loud interesting colors, then Darn Tough may be the best brand on this list for you!

Where to find it

Darn Tough Socks can be purchased on Amazon or on the Darn Tough website. 

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