What Does Gary Robbins Wear for Running? (Shoes, Shorts, Watch, Etc.)

Are you a fan of Canadian endurance runner Gary Robbins? If you want to get into endurance running and want to gear up like him, or if you’re even just curious, you might ask yourself, “what does Gary Robbins wear for running?”

Gary Robbins wears S Lab Ultra 3 running shoes, Salomon Speedcross ankle socks, Salomon Bonatti Trail running shorts, a variety of t-shirt and jacket brands, and a Salomon Sense Pro 5 hydration pack for his ultra-marathon training and competition events. He is currently sponsored by the brand, which probably contributes to how often he wears it.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of Gary Robbins’ career and influence, as well as get specific on the types of apparel he wears to complete his training.

Who is Gary Robbins?

While most people may not be able to identify any ultra-athletes by name, a notable few men and women have achieved feats the rest of us can’t even imagine and are well-known in the world of endurance sports. Among these is Gary Robbins, who has been considered a top ultra-marathoner for more than a decade.

Gary Robbins is a British Columbia-based ultramarathon runner, known for his impressive performances in some of the world’s toughest races. The Canadian has completed numerous ultra-distance races, including the Hardrock Hundred and the HURT 100. He also competed in – but failed to complete – the Barkley Marathons. 

Robbins also boasts a sizable following on social media and has a popular documentary about his attempt to finish the Barkley Marathons.

You can watch the entire documentary detailing Gary Robbins’ attempt at the Barkley Marathons on YouTube.

Robins is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and enjoys all manner of outdoor winter sports such as trekking, skiing, and rock climbing. He is an advocate for environmental sustainability and can be seen planting trees and endorsing pro-environment causes on his Instagram account. 

Article of ClothingPreferred Brand
Running shoesSalomon S Lab Ultra 3
Running socksSalomon Speedcross ankle socks
Running shortsSalomon Bonatti trail running shorts
Running shirtsNo apparent preference
Running watchHas been pictured wearing both Garmin and Suunto watches
Other running accessoriesSalomon Sense Pro 5 hydration pack
Salomon waterproof hats
Salomon MTN Lab helmet (for climbing)
Table of Gary Robbins’ running clothing and accessories

Robbins is also a noted hockey fanatic. He is an avid supporter of the Edmonton Oilers and constantly posts about the team on his social media platforms. 

Is Gary Robbins a professional runner?

Endurance training is a full-time job and most athletes at the top level spend most of their time preparing for the next event. So what about Gary Robbins?

Gary Robbins is a professional ultrarunner and endurance athlete.

He is sponsored by a number of brands such as Salomon, Suunto, Princeton Tec, Drymax, Trail Butter, SNB, and Endurance Tap. 

Did you know? One of the few high-profile endurance athletes with a day job is Cameron Hanes.

Gary Robbins’ notable running achievements

Gary Robbins has completed several ultramarathon events such as the CR HURT Hawaii 100m and the Cascade Crest in Washinton, but he is most well known for failing to complete the Barkley Marathons in 2017.

Robbins is unique in that one of his most “notable” moments as a runner came when he failed to achieve the cutoff time for the grueling Barkley Marathons outside of Knoxville, Tennessee in 2017. Robbins was captured collapsing after learning he finished 6 seconds after the cutoff time. The moment went viral.

Since then the bearded Canadian runner has attempted to finish the Barkley again, failing to do so in 2018. In all, Robbins has attempted the race 3 times without being able to finish before the cutoff time. 

In recent years, Robbins has pulled back from the intense schedule required for endurance training in order to spend more time with his wife and son. 

What kind of running shoes does Gary Robbins wear?

Gary Robbins wears a variety of Salomon trail running shoes, including the Salomon Aero Blaze and the Salomon S Lab Ultra 3’s. He can be seen sporting both shoes in various social media posts.

Gary Robbins typically wears Salomon trail running shoes, although the style varies. When choosing a running shoe, he looks for good traction, an aggressive tread, a roomy toebox, and a high heel drop.

Gary Robbins postes on Instagram showing his collection of new Salomon running shoes.

Robbins has been sponsored by Salomon for a number of years and wears their shoes for trail running and street racing events. 

What kind of running socks does Gary Robbins wear?

Gary Robbins has been seen wearing a variety of running socks, including the Salomon Speedcross Ankle Socks, and he boasts a sponsorship from Drymax, a sock brand for ultramarathoners and trail runners.

Robbins appears to prefer mid-length socks that rise just above the ankle. He can be seen wearing this style of sock in most of his running photos and videos on social media. 

Gary Robbins promotes the new collaboration between sponsor Salomon Running and Ciele Athletics on his Instagram.

While the message of the above image is specific to his Salomon running shoes, it offers a rare clear picture of his Salomon running socks as well.

What kind of running shorts does Gary Robbins wear?

Gary Robbins chooses to wear Salomon running shorts, in keeping with his sponsorship. He can be seen wearing Salomon Bonatti Trail running shorts and Bonatti Trail running pants in numerous posts.

Gary Robbins typically wears Salomon running shorts. Unlike many runners, he doesn’t seem to have a specific style preference and can be seen running in anything from 5″ to full-length shorts.

He often wears long pants in his training due to the cold climate of British Columbia and the extreme environments in which he chooses to run.

What kind of running shirts does Gary Robbins wear?

Gary Robbins can be seen wearing a wide range of upper-body apparel on his social media. In most posts, he can be seen wearing jackets and cold weather gear, but when running in warmer climates, Robbins often chooses short sleeves.

Robbins doesn’t really have a go-to t-shirt or jacket brand and is often wearing graphic tees or a variety of rain gear and outerwear made by various brands. Though he is a brand ambassador for Salomon, he doesn’t seem to be choosy with his upper body apparel brands. 

Like other endurance runners, he almost certainly chooses running shirts that are comfortable, breathable, and sweat-wicking.

What kind of running accessories does Gary Robbins wear?

Gary Robbins has a variety of sponsors and can often be seen promoting their products on his social media accounts and wearing them during training and while competing.

Gary Robbins is most often seen using Salomon accessories, including their hydration pack, waterproof hats and helmet. He also uses a Princeton Tec light when running at night, reduces chafing with Squirrel’s Nut Butter, and packs Trail Butter as a snack on long-distance runs.

Gary Robbins is often seen wearing a Salomon Sense Pro 5 hydration pack for his training and many of his longer trail running events. Additionally, he seems to be a fan of Salomon’s waterproof hats, as he can be seen wearing them for multiple events. For some events that involve climbing, Gary Robbins also wears a Salomon MTN Lab helmet.

Unlike most endurance athletes, Gary Robbins sports a sizeable beard.

While perhaps not an accessory in the traditional sense, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention Gary Robbins’ beard. Most ultra-performance athletes are clean-shaven, but he has cultivated an impressive beard, presumably to protect his face from the cold and snow of his native British Columbia.

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