What Does Mo Farah Wear for Running? (Shoes, Shorts, Watch, Etc.)

Do you want to be the next Mo Farah? If so, then you need to outfit yourself like the 4-time gold medalist himself.

Olympic runner Mo Farah is heavily sponsored by Nike and primarily wears gear from the brand. He wears Nike Zoom Pegasus running shoes, Nike Elite running socks, Nike Flex Stride running shorts, and Nike sleeves when running and training, plus Nike Tailwind sunglasses when necessary. He also wears a GT 3 Pro watch from Huawei, another sponsor.

Keep reading for more about Mo Farah’s specific gear for run training and competition.

Who is Mo Farah?

Mo Farah is a British long-distance runner, Olympic and World Champion, and well-known figure in the running world.

His outstanding achievements on the track include winning the 5,000- and 10,000-meter events at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. He has also won multiple World Championships, and he also holds many other national and international long-distance running records. He received an Order of the British Empire (aka was knighted) in 2017.

Mo Farah was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2017 in honor of his contributions to atheletics.
If I’d been knighted, I’d also put it in my Instagram bio!

Farah also boasts a large social media following and has become somewhat of an influencer online, promoting overall health and fitness, documenting his own training, and sharing his passion for the advancement of human rights in the developing world.

This passion stems from personal experience. Farah was born with the name Hussein Abdi Kahin in Northern Somalia. In the summer of 2022, he revealed that he had not merely immigrated to Britain but that he had been trafficked to Europe as a child. He now spends much of his time advocating for young people in circumstances similar to the ones he survived as a youth. 

Since arriving on the running scene at the 2001 junior championships, Mo Farah has become one of the biggest names in the world of running. His accomplishments and accolades speak for themselves and suggest he’s going to be a name to watch for many years to come. 

Article of ClothingPreferred Brand
Running shoesNike Zoom Pegasus running shoes
Running socksNike Elite running socks
Running shortsNike Flex Stride running shorts
Running shirtsNike branded tops, typically tank tops
Running watchHuawei GT 3 Pro
Other running accessoriesNike Tailwind sunglasses
Nike arm sleeves
Table of Mo Farah’s running clothing and accessories

Is Mo Farah a professional runner?

Mo Farah is a professional runner who has competed in many top-flight races and events worldwide. He is sponsored by Nike and was a part of the controversial Nike Oregon Project training group, which was rocked by scandal as American coach (and head of the project) Alberto Salazar was handed a 4-year ban from the sport by the U.S. Anti-doping agency in 2019 for violating their policy on performance-enhancing drugs. 

Farah was never implicated in using PEDs, but he distanced himself from the group. However, Farah is still sponsored by Nike and can be seen wearing Nike gear in most of his social media posts, images, and videos from the professional races he has competed in.

Farah has been a professional runner for 2 decades and recently indicated he plans to retire after the 2023 London Marathon. Don’t worry – he also has a career as a children’s book author to fall back on!

Mo Farah’s notable running achievements

Mo Farah has an impressive list of accomplishments as a professional long-distance runner.

He has won 4 Olympic gold medals and 6 World Championship titles. All of these medals came in the 5,000m and 10,000m events. He has also set many European and British records, including the British record for the half marathon.

He proved how driven and talented a runner he is during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. Despite falling on the track during the 10,000m, he still managed to finish the race and take home the gold.

Check out this video for Mo Farah’s greatest moments during the 2016 Olympics, including a fall during the 10,000m that didn’t deter him from taking first place.

Farah has also competed in several major marathons, including the London and Chicago Marathon.

What kind of running shoes does Mo Farah wear?

Mo Farah has been a longtime wearer of Nike running shoes and is often seen wearing the Nike Zoom Pegasus.

Mo Farah unboxes a pair of Nike running shoes.

He has also been known to wear the Nike Vaporfly 4%, which he wore during his victory at the 2018 Chicago Marathon. Farah is a member of the Nike Oregon Project, which has helped him find the perfect shoe for his running style and needs.

What kind of running socks does Mo Farah wear?

Mo Farah has been spotted wearing Nike Elite running socks during training and races.

This is in keeping with his Nike sponsorship, though he sometimes mixes up between different iterations of Nike running socks, wearing no-show socks in some posts and Nike crew socks in others. He is also known for wearing a variety of colors and sock designs. 

Did you know Farrah’s fellow Olympian Eliud Kipchoge is also sponsored by Nike? You can check out what he wears for running in this article.

What kind of running shorts does Mo Farah wear?

Mo Farah typically wears Nike Flex Stride running shorts. These shorts have a built-in liner and come in a variety of colors and lengths. Farah has been spotted wearing Nike Aeroswift shorts during races.

Mo Farah has a long-time relationship with Nike and it's rare to see him in anything else.

Again, Farah is Nike from head to toe!

What kind of running shirts does Mo Farah wear?

Mo Farah tends to wear a variety of different shirts during his training and races. He can be seen wearing Nike Dri-FIT shirts and singlets on his popular Instagram account. He seems to prefer tank tops to t-shirts for running.

Even if he chooses to go sleeveless, Farah always covers his arms with Nike Dri-FIT compression sleeves.

What kind of running accessories does Mo Farah wear?

Mo Farah is an ambassador for Huwai and their GT 3 sport watch. He can be seen wearing it on his Instagram account and in many photos of him online.

Mo Farah wears a Huawei GT 3 Pro running watch.

Additionally, Farah wears sunglasses on many of his runs. He appears to wear Nike Tailwind sunglasses as his chosen pair.

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